Samjhana Lab aims to become a commendable institution in diagnostics in Nepal and eager to continue its magnificence by providing accuracy.

“Accurate diagnosis for better treatment”

Pathology Lab

Ultrasound, USG

Electrocardiography (ECG)




Minor Surgery

Digital X-Ray

Molecular Diagnostics


Home Collection

Samjhana Labotatory & Clinic Pvt. Ltd. has the facility of providing sample collection from residences through the Home Lab Services Department.
How do I avail this facility?

  1. You shall have provide your details to our receptionist.
  2. If it is the first time, you would have to guide our home collection person to your home.
  3. The next time when you want the avail the service, you will just have to call our receptionist in advance and the phlebotomist will arrive on time for the sample collection.

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We have been providing unlimited membership Facilities to our patient. This includes facilities like: 20% discount on inhouse tests and 10% discount
on out sourcing tests for members.  No need of renewal of membership card (Lifetime membership).